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Get instant access to the full annual value of your monthly plans and fund your growth without friction or dilution.

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Apply and connect in a few minutes, see eligibility instantly, get the cash in less than 48h.

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No more annual discounts

We make your contracts annual so you don't have to give away steep discounts.

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Scales with your business

Access extra capital as your business grows, you may never need to fundraise again.

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We charge a flat fee on the amount we advance to you. That's it.

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You don’t need to pay us back until your customers pay you.

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Keep your equity. Once subscriptions are paid, you owe us nothing.

Simple terms

Sell the future payments on select monthly plans and receive the full contract value today. We collect the payments from those plans every month until we are paid back. We only charge a flat, one-off fee.

  • No hidden fee.
  • No fixed payment timeline.
  • No collateral, no equity warrant, no personal guarantee.

Sync your accounts, instantly access capital

Our application process only takes a few minutes.
Just link your accounts, review our offer, and you are ready to go.
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    Connect your subscription, banking and accounting platforms.
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    Check eligibility for selected monthly plans.
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    Receive the full annual contract value.
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    Grow your business and keep your equity.

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  • Receive an offer in less than 24 hours
  • We advance cash against future customer payments
  • 100% non-dilutive, 100% flexible